martes, 29 de junio de 2010


I have to travel a lot in the internet to find this picture... is cool right? hahahaha what our kids are doing?... well i don't know, but I hope they're planning the Latin America Tour Humanoid 2010... we deserve it!

sábado, 26 de junio de 2010

I don't get this...

Still i don't get why that girl have "12-01-10" if we read it like day-month-year... the concerts of Tokio Hotel were after January... started in February, or if we read it like month-day-year.. why she will put a date that is like 10 months after the concert dates????

x) if you know why, let me now!!!

Aun no entiendo porque esa chica tiene "12-01-10" si lo leemos como dia-mes-año...los conciertos de Tokio Hotel fueron despues de Enero...empezaron enFebrero, o si lo leemos como mes-dia- año (como suele hacerse en algunos lugares de europa)... porque ella pondria una fecha que es como 10 meses despues de las fechas de los conciertos??

x) si saben porque, diganme!!!


domingo, 17 de enero de 2010

Time's go so fast...

I was thinking about using the blog to put news about Tokio Hotel or something like that, but it's a hard job do that, and have the exact information... so I think the blog will stay like this haha just to write things, feelings, things that happens... in one week I start school again and if I really don't want to... these days i was thinking and going back in past, when I was more younger than now and all went well, at least for me, all was easy and the time went so slow... Now I see the time go so quickly, I don't have time for anything, christmas went so fast and so do January, I wanna see my friends and I realize that Im getting older and older and "see my friends" is something we can't do because we don't have time :S or money... that is bad in both cases... I know now that we aren't free.. Im saving to Tokio Hotel concert, but as well I have to buy things for me and when I go and see the money that I should have, there's no more money there :S is... pfff so sad and frustrating...

So..I hope the people now enjoy more the time they have, I lost almost 6 years of my life in nothing, and now I feel sad and old, wanna do a lot of things but don't do it because I stupidly always say "tomorrow I start" and... tomorrow we don't start anything.. And the time is going by, and we grow up and know that we never do what we wanted to do, and focus so more in life and work, we left behind the really important things like family, friends, happyness, love...and to be well with us, that If you wanna travel, just save and go! Because we never get double chances...I know it now, when is late...when is difficult for me doing the things I always wanted and I just have 22 years, haha... But I have a friend, that keeps me here, thinking, dreaming, hoping.. having a dream that keeps me alive! And I hope that dream become truth...because I need it :)...

Mmmm...well I have to go now, haha thnxs for reading this lines and maybe today I wanna hear one song so badly... "World Behind My Wall" - Tokio Hotel... I think all of us live behind a wall, but we never see the world just like it is...


sábado, 16 de enero de 2010

We are back!... or we are trying to..

Yeah yeah, we were absents for a while but today we are here, thinking in what we should put in here... we didn't put in here the day when we meet Tokio Hotel in a signing session in México City last november, we got our cd's autographied by the guys and all were awesome! We meet some girls there and have a lot of fun talking about them and laughing about all the things we want to do to the guys.. and we suffer a lot of cold there too! But we survive and that's the important thing...after 2 monts of that, I still can't believe that we went there and see them, so close to us! Today we are waiting the concert... still are no dates, but we hope soon have them! We want VIP passes!! thanks for comming here to read us... see you soon!

Si lo se, estuvimos ausentes por un tiempo, pero ahora estamos aqui, pensando en k debiamos poner aqui... no les puusimos el dia n el que conocimos a Tokio Hotel en una firma de autografos en la Cd. de México en noviembre pasado, obtuvimos nuestros cd's autografados por los chicos y todo fue sorprendente! Conocimos a unas chicas y tuvimos muchisima diversion hablando con ellas y riendonos sobre las cosas que queriamos hacerles a los chicos... tambien sufrimos muchisimo frio ahi! Pero sobrevivimos y eso es lo importante...despues de dos meses desde esa fecha, yo aun no puedo creer que fuimos y los vimos, tan cerca de nosotros!! Hoy solo estamos esperando el concierto...aun no hay fechas, pero esperamos que pronto las tengamos!! Queremos pases VIP!! Gracias por venir aqui y leernos... nos vemos pronto!!